Before beginning my career in the arts, I was a teacher, architect, workshop facilitator, and business owner. I have Master’s Degrees in both education and architecture. I was raised in a small east Texas town. I did reside in New Mexico for about ten years but have returned to my roots in East Texas.

Journaling has been a passion in my life for over 30 years. It is a wonderful way to record my adventures as well as a vehicle for expressing my thoughts and feelings.  It wasn’t long before I started illustrating my journals as I wrote. The “creative realism” of my illustrations brings the words to life for me. My journals reflect my playfulness and enthusiasm for life. They also began to expand to other media…pen and ink, watercolor, recycled sculptures and gourds.

Gourd and recycled sculptures provide a way to be playful in 3 dimensions.  I love finding ordinary objects in the world that speak to me to become something different…and I let them. The whimsical nature of my art reflects my excitement for life and the slightly twisted way I see things. My intension is for the viewer to share in the playfulness.

I hope that my work will speak to you in its own way…and make you smile.

Years ago when I selected “Jamie Ink” as my business name, little did I know that the word INK would take on a whole new meaning in the 21st century!

Jamie Ink seemed most appropriate because I am an author and illustrator. I am also an artist, but not a tattoo artist. The good news is, if I should ever decide to expand my business, I know exactly the path to follow…..tattoos.

When Jamie Ink is Googled, I am listed in the company of some of the best tattoo artists around. I totally admire this ink art form; however, I have never done a tattoo nor do I have one. I do admit that I have considered it at various times in my life. However, at this my stage in life I am glad I chose not to…I am afraid now that gravity is doing its thing, beautiful butterflies would look like dead moths.

Whether you have stumbled on my website by accident or intended to be here, I hope you at least have a smile on your face and will continue.